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Hi, What do you look for in my paintings of Ireland? …the new spirit of Ireland, …her timelessness, …the muted color of her soft landscape, …or, the oh-so-fleeting magical light that pervades her?Perhaps it is the poetic, lyrical, almost romantic, feeling of nostalgia,that you look for. All these facets of her, and much more, are in my mind as I travel the length and breadth of this island,-to capture her in paint. My studio is nestled in the hills ,underneath the Comeragh Mountains above, which overlook the Atlantic Ocean. From here, I endeavour to capture the feel of Ireland in my paintings.   more »
The award winning writer Michael Coady said of his work ''Martin Quigley makes paintings that one could happily co-habit with, run away with, and set up house.'' Dr John Ennis said, ''His is an original Celtic love of colour.''  more »
"I completed my degree in Limerick School of Art & Design and have since been based in Waterford, Ireland continuing to print and paint along with drawings and commissioned pieces of a wide variety. My own work is mostly abstract focusing on shapes & patterns found in everyday forms"  more »
"Currently based in Waterford, I was born in Limerick, Ireland where I recieved my degree at the Limerick College of Art & Design. Printing is very addictive, once you have tried it you're hooked!.
I have been printing since 1994 and my work consists mainly of etchings, drypoints and monoprints. Each piece is handprinted using century old techniques. All of the prints are limited editions, but I also do one-off pencil drawings, watercolours, illustrations and I welcome commissions."  more »
Most of my work is done without the use of colour changing filters. Because of this often the window for taking shots is very brief indeed, a matter of minutes in fact. Breathtaking Irish scenery is all around us, but good light opportunities are rare. Thus making the series all the more unique. This therefore should be of interest to anyone in love with Ireland and her unforgettable countryside."  more »
Kay Forristal, a native of Listowel Co.Kerry and currently living in Waterford with her husband John and two of her four children, discovered this gift of creative expressions during a period of personal development. She has had poetry published in Ireland and England and has been interviewed by Gay Byrne on his morning show. Her products are people orientated, heart-felt and meaningful. Who knows what hidden message the written word may yield?  more »
"I am a self taught artist and I have been painting since I was Five years old. I probably got my artistic talent from my Grandfather who was a Cartographer based in Phoenix Park, Dublin. Himself and two others covered the whole of the South-East updating all the ordinance survey maps of the coast line between 1903 and 1912.It gives me a great sense of pride to have produced a piece of artwork that no-one else has done before. I would like to think that my map is colorful and informative and depicts Ireland's greatest sport, which is played all over the world".  more »
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