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Craft - Brian Connolly Treasures of Waterford
Salt Glazed Teapots

Turned vase in figured sycamore with contrasting wenge in zig-zag pattern. Figured Sycamore and contrasting wenge strips are meticulously cut & matched to form the pattern. The vase is made up of eight segments and is hand turned and finished in clear satin lacquer.

Size: 19"h x 7"d

Price: 518 Euro plus P+P



Made from Maple and Mahogany. This stylish barometer consists of a maple turned disk shaped and carved using a special "carving in motion" technique, giving it a decorative, cut face. This is then mounted on a mahogany frame with a high quality Barrigo Barometer inserted.

Size: 8"h x 11"l

Price: 125 Euro plus P+P


Laminated vase

Four different hardwoods are glued together to form the pattern. Extreme care is recquired in cutting & fitting the pieces to make up the round. It is hand turned and finished in clear satin lacquer.

Size: 14"h x 6"d

Price: 294 Euro plus P+P

Mahogany Globe

Our globe is precisely turned from solid Mahogany. It is painstakingly marked out and hand carved. It rotates on its axis, supported in a solid brass frame on a matching mahogany base.

Size: 12"h x 7"d

Price: 520 Euro plus P+P

Table Lamp

Made from Madrona Burr, This table lamp consists of madrona burr shaped and mounted on a walnut base. The madrona burr is among the rarest and most sought after timbers available, and is unique with it's "marble" like swirling grain in this case contrasting beautifully with the dark straight grained walnut.

Size: 6"l x 17"h

Price: 210 Euro plus P+P


Biography / Contact Details:
Brian Connolly
Treasures of Waterford Ltd.
Unit 11 Quinlans Industrial Park
Old Kilmeaden Road
Co Waterford
Rep of Ireland
t : 051 350225
t2: 051 350059
f : 051 350225


Treasures of Waterford is a small company specialising in high quality interior items.
Tom Connolly and his son Brian, began the business in 1985, Tom has long years of expierience in woodworking while brian has an apprenticeship in cabinetmaking and has gained experience in design and manufacturing of our gift items over the past twelve years.

Treasures of Waterford Ltd. are suppliers to Waterford Crystal Ltd. of wooden support items for some of the most prestigious presentation pieces worldwide.


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