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Craft - Emer Powell Papier Caper
Celtic Mirror

Represents the elements. Made from recycled paper and finished with an autique (paint) wash finish to resemble metal

Size: 4ft x 1.5 ft

Price: 150 Euro plus P+P


Circular Mirror

Framed crest / logogram / symbol. It's called "The Wedding Dance", made from recycled paper and finished with an autique (paint) wash finish to resemble metal

Size: 2ft x 2ft

Price: 150 Euro plus P+P



Mirror framed in stained glass. Induvidually designed. Over 50 layers of paper covered with plaster paris and polyfill, layered with ghesso and painted with an autique finish. Spirals of copper wire are on the inside which are also painted with a metal leaf and distressed green paint layered over the top.

Price: 80 Euro plus P+P

Ship Sculpture

Made in the chicken wire method with layers of paper. Then covered with sacking and then plaster paris and strips of metal found on Waterford Beach. Autique wash in earth pigment.

Size: 2 ft

Price: 200 Euro plus P+P

Lake Reflections

Mixed Media Piece. Done in layers of Acrylic + earth pigments with recycled parts from "Passage-East" beach in Waterford (rust + fibreglass)

Size: 3ft x 1.5ft

Price: 300 Euro plus P+P


Biography / Contact Details:
Emer Powell Papier Caper
t : ++ 353 (0)51 871383
Email Emer Powell

Emer has moved steadily over the last two years into crafts and the visual arts. In the crafts field, she started into papier-mache, working in strips of paper rather than in pulp mixtures. Objects can be built up with as much as 100 layers of paper before getting a selected finish and design added in on top.

She uses much the same technique in her artwork, layering on oils and acrylics and often adding on wood, metal, wire, wool or any other material that takes her fancy. Without formal training, she lays it on thin, rather than thick, about her artistic abilities and is happy to debunk pretence about the creative process. "I said once in a radio interview that I did'nt really know what I was doing, friends who are artists weren't impressed," Emer admits, though her work shows an unerring eye and hand.


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