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Textiles - Miranda Cleary Corcoran

Heavy-duty cotton, stretched onto timber frame. Backlit to bring out hidden details. This piece is heavy-duty cotton, which I have distressed. I used three techniques on this wall hanging - batik, air brushing and burning. Natural dyes and metallic paint give the piece a very soft, warm look. The hanging is backlit to bring out the underlying details. The overall finish gives a leathery look and feel.

Size: 4ft x 4ft

Price: 550 Euro plus P+P


Backed with cotton stretched into a flat gold wooden frame. A mixture of resin, dyes and metallic paint. Here is one of my favourite hangings. The fabric is the famous 70's cloth 'lurex'. It has been distressed. It is a delicate hanging, very soft and subdued colours used. The fabric looks soft but to touch it is very hard. Natural dyes and metallic paints are used to give the look.

Size: 4ft x 4ft

Price: 375 Euro plus P+P


Creating lampshades is a passion of mine. They all vary so much, no two will ever be the same. Reds, browns and gold's are my favourites. They are so rich and luscious, enhancing any room. The shades are available in lots of different colour combinations.

Size: 4ft x 4ft

Biography / Contact Details:
Miranda Cleary Corcoran
The Salvage Shop
Airport Road,
Waterford City,
Telephone + 353 + 51 + 873260

Textile designer Miranda Cleary specialises in textile design using natural fabrics such as silk, calico, muslin, cotton, hessoin and velvet. Her understanding of colour and its combinations give her work a unique and distinctive feel resulting in vibrant visuals that are the applied to items such as wall hangings, curtains, voiles, cushions, throws and lampshades to name a few.

Recent exhibitions include 'colors of the moment ', The Modern Homes Exhibition' and 'Beyond the Hall Door'. Several magazines and national publications have featured Miranda's work over the past 12 months including 'Irish Homes' and 'Ireland's homes and interiors' to name a few.

Many retail outlets and restaurants are commissioning Miranda to design individual pieces and to generally oversee the interior layout.

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